Intense Cloud Bursts Likely to Hit Pakistan: NDMA Issues Warning

Intense Cloud Bursts Likely to Hit Pakistan: NDMA Issues Warning

Islamabad, July 1, 2024 – The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued a warning indicating the likelihood of intense cloud bursts affecting various parts of Pakistan in the coming days.

In a statement released on Monday, NDMA’s National Emergencies Operation Center (NEOC) highlighted significant meteorological activity detected from the eastern Indian side. This activity suggests the potential for intense cloud bursts that could impact Pakistani regions.

Early warnings have been disseminated to all provinces, alerting them to expect moderate to heavy rainfall beginning from July 2, 2024, particularly over the upper catchments of major rivers such as Sutlej, Ravi, and Chenab. The forecast includes the possibility of lightning strikes in several cities across South and Central Punjab, as well as Islamabad, during the period of July 5-7.

The anticipated weather conditions pose a considerable risk of rapid rises in water levels, flash floods, and urban flooding in metropolitan areas. NDMA has specifically warned of potential flooding in River Sutlej, with water levels projected to reach low flood levels (approximately 50,000 cusecs) by July 5 and high flood levels (approximately 120,000 cusecs) by July 10, 2024.

NDMA is actively collaborating with federal and provincial departments to enhance preparedness and coordinate responses to mitigate the potential impacts of these weather events.

The public is strongly advised to remain vigilant and heed instructions issued by local authorities. NDMA encourages citizens to stay informed by downloading the ‘Pak NDMA Disaster Alert’ mobile app for timely updates and to monitor weather reports closely.

Residents in flood-prone areas are urged to develop evacuation plans with their families, identify safe locations, and prepare emergency kits containing essential supplies. It is essential to avoid unnecessary travel during heavy rainfall and potential flooding situations to ensure personal safety.

As the situation evolves, NDMA continues to monitor developments closely and emphasizes the importance of proactive measures and adherence to safety guidelines to minimize risks associated with adverse weather conditions.

The proactive stance by NDMA underscores the urgency of preparedness and collective action in response to potential natural disasters, aiming to safeguard lives and mitigate the impact on communities across Pakistan.