IRSOA Slams FBR for Unjust Treatment of Top Officers

IRSOA Slams FBR for Unjust Treatment of Top Officers

Karachi, July 10, 2024 – The Inland Revenue Service Officers Association (IRSOA) has vehemently condemned the recent actions of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) regarding the transfer of senior officers to an administrative pool.

On Wednesday, the IRSOA issued a statement expressing strong disappointment with the FBR’s posting notification. The notification assigned 16 senior Inland Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioners to the administrative pool, a move the IRSOA considers particularly unjust given these officers’ exceptional contributions to surpassing budgetary targets and revenue collection.

The IRSOA highlighted the significant efforts of IRS officers in exceeding the fiscal year 2023-2024’s revenue target of Rs. 9200 billion, achieved despite a challenging economic climate and political environment. The statement emphasizes that the FBR’s decision to transfer these officers without proper justification has not only demotivated the affected individuals but also casts serious doubt on the fairness and impartiality within the organization.

The association argues that these officers have played a crucial role in maintaining fiscal stability and ensuring that the government meets its revenue goals. Their reassignment to administrative roles is viewed as a punitive measure that undermines their hard work and dedication.

The IRSOA strongly condemns this action, which has caused considerable distress and demotivation among field-level officers. The association emphasizes that established procedures exist for addressing any alleged wrongdoing against an officer through disciplinary proceedings. Any actions taken outside of these established procedures constitute a violation of fundamental rights.

“We urge the authorities to carefully re-evaluate this decision and ensure that our officers are treated fairly,” said the IRSOA Secretary. “Their dedication and hard work deserve recognition, not baseless criticism and demotion.”

The association’s statement further criticized the lack of transparency in the decision-making process, asserting that such actions could have long-term negative implications for the morale and efficiency of the revenue service. The IRSOA called on the FBR to provide a clear rationale for the transfers and to engage in dialogue with the affected officers to address their concerns.

The IRSOA’s condemnation of the FBR’s actions highlights the need for fair and transparent practices within the organization. The association’s call for a re-evaluation of the decision underscores the importance of recognizing and rewarding the hard work of IRS officers, who play a vital role in the nation’s economic stability.