Kia Pakistan Increases Stonic Price, Reopens Bookings

Kia Pakistan Increases Stonic Price, Reopens Bookings

Kia Pakistan has recently implemented a price increase for its popular subcompact crossover SUV, the Kia Stonic. This decision comes after a significant price reduction offered in April 2024, which had temporarily boosted sales and customer interest.

Price Update

The updated price for the Kia Stonic is now Rs 5,550,000. This marks an increase of Rs 733,000 from the previous limited-time offer price of Rs 4,767,000. The substantial price hike reflects changes in market dynamics and cost considerations.

Booking Resumption with Cautions

Following the celebratory discount, Kia Pakistan experienced an overwhelming customer response, leading to temporary stock limitations and a suspension of bookings. However, bookings for the Kia Stonic EX+ variant have now reopened with revised terms:

Delivery Timeline: Deliveries for new bookings made on or after July 1, 2024, are scheduled to commence from December 2024 onwards.

Partial Payment Requirement: A partial payment of Rs 2.5 million is now mandatory to secure a booking.

Conditional Price Lock: Customers making partial payments will benefit from a price lock for deliveries scheduled in December 2024 and January 2025. However, this price lock comes with specific conditions:

Any significant depreciation of the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) exceeding 2 percent against the US Dollar (USD) from the current rate will be reflected in the final price.

Customers will be responsible for any increase in import duties, taxes, or levies imposed by the federal or provincial governments at the time of delivery.

Market Impact

The pricing adjustment and new booking strategy are likely to sustain interest among car buyers seeking a subcompact crossover SUV in the Pakistani market.

While the extended wait times and conditional price lock may necessitate careful consideration, the Kia Stonic remains a compelling option in this segment.

The increased price could impact customer decisions, but the brand’s reputation for quality and the vehicle’s features continue to make it an attractive choice.