KIBOR – Karachi Interbank Offered Rates on July 8, 2024

KIBOR – Karachi Interbank Offered Rates on July 8, 2024

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has released the Karachi Interbank Offered Rates (KIBOR) for various tenors on Monday, July 8, 2024, providing a crucial snapshot of the prevailing borrowing costs in the interbank market.

KIBOR serves as a benchmark interest rate that signifies the average interest rates at which banks in Pakistan offer unsecured funds to one another in the interbank market. The rates announced by the SBP on July 8, 2024, are as follows:

1 – Week20.2420.74
2 – Week20.2620.76
1 – Month20.2520.75
3 – Month19.9420.19
6 – Month19.8420.09
9 – Month19.1919.69
1 – Year18.7019.20

These rates provide a snapshot of the current cost of borrowing for different tenors in the interbank market. Financial institutions, businesses, and investors use KIBOR as a crucial reference point to assess prevailing market interest rates. The rates can significantly impact the pricing of various financial products, such as loans and deposits.

The transparency offered by the SBP in releasing these rates aligns with its commitment to maintaining openness in the financial markets and providing essential information for economic analysis.

Market analysts are expected to closely scrutinize these rates to gain insights into the prevailing economic conditions and make informed decisions. The KIBOR rates released by the SBP offer valuable data for financial planning and risk management.

It is essential to note that the rates mentioned represent bid and offer rates for each tenor and are provided in percentage points. The SBP’s commitment to transparency is highlighted through the release of these rates, allowing individuals, businesses, and financial institutions to make well-informed financial decisions.

Interested parties seeking further details are encouraged to visit the State Bank of Pakistan’s official website or reach out to relevant authorities. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that these rates are subject to change based on market conditions, and individuals and institutions are advised to verify the latest rates before making any financial decisions.

The SBP’s dedication to timely rate disclosures ensures that stakeholders can access accurate and up-to-date information for effective financial planning and decision-making.