KPT Issues Shipping Movements for June 20, 2024

KPT Issues Shipping Movements for June 20, 2024

Karachi, June 20, 2024 – The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) has released detailed information on shipping movements for Thursday, June 20, 2024, aimed at facilitating stakeholders and ensuring smooth operations at the port.

Ships Berthed at KPT

Over the last 48 hours, ending at 0700 hours on Thursday, several ships have berthed at Karachi Port. These include:

* Ever Ursula – Container Ship

* Xin Pu Dong – Container Ship

* Ocean Pearl – General Cargo

* UAFL Liberty – Container Ship

* Ocean Aglaia – Tanker

* Onur G.A – Container Ship

* X-Press Odyssey – Container Ship

* SSL Godavari – Container Ship

* Kota Loceng – Container Ship

Ships Sailed from KPT

During the same period, the following ships have departed from Karachi Port:

* Bow Aquarius

* CMA CGM Nabucco

* Vancouver

* M.T. Mardan

* Xin Pu Dong

* Xin Beijing

* Navios Bahamas

* Ocean Aglaia

Expected Sailings from KPT

The following ship is expected to sail from Karachi Port on June 20, 2024:

* Kota Loceng

Expected Arrivals at KPT

Several ships are anticipated to arrive at Karachi Port on June 20, 2024, with diverse cargoes. These include:

* Wadi Duka – Discharging/Loading (D/L) Barite Lumps

* Hansa Europe – D/L Container Ship

* Seaspan Hudson – D/L Container Ship

* Pan Optimum – Loading (L) 30,000 metric tons

* NH Erle – Discharging (D) 45,000 metric tons of Mogas

* Orientak Viola – L 2,500 metric tons of Chemical

* Joanna – D 3,500 metric tons of Chemical

* XT Dolphin – L 20,200 metric tons of Molasses

* Hyundai Faith – D/L Container Ship

* Xin Ning Bo – D/L Container Ship

Cargo Handling Turnover at KPT

Karachi Port has reported a total cargo handling turnover of 271,047 metric tons over the past 24 hours. This figure comprises 115,930 metric tons of export cargo and 155,117 metric tons of import cargo. The breakdown of commodity-wise handling in metric tons is as follows:

* Containerized Cargo: 117,985 (Import), 115,930 (Export), totaling 233,915 metric tons

* Bulk Cargo: 20,182 metric tons (Import)

* Rock Phosphate: 16,950 metric tons (Import)


The Karachi Port Trust continues to manage a high volume of shipping activities efficiently, ensuring the timely movement of vessels and cargo.

The latest data on shipping movements and cargo handling highlights the port’s crucial role in supporting Pakistan’s trade and economic activities.

The detailed tracking of ships berthing, sailing, and expected arrivals, along with the substantial cargo turnover, underscores the port’s robust operational capabilities.