KTBA strongly condemns Israel’s atrocities in Palestine

KTBA strongly condemns Israel’s atrocities in Palestine

KARACHI: Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) on Wednesday strongly condemned Israeli barbaric attacks on innocent Palestinians and demanded immediate halt of barbaric attacks in Gaza.

KTBA President Muhammad Zeeshan Merchant, while leading the protest rally, expressed deep anger over the current violent Israeli atrocities on the innocent Palestinians.

Showing solidarity with the Palestinian people, the tax bar expressed concerns over Israeli aggression and brutality in Palestine and strongly condemned the barbaric attacks on the innocent people.

“The intensifying assault on Gaza is beyond the pale of humanity,” Merchant said, adding that it was an act of aggression and a pompous show of strength on the part of the Israeli military on innocent and helpless Muslims of Palestine.

“Our members believe that hundreds of civilians’ causalities are horrendous for this so-called civilized world,” KTBA president said.

The tax bar also condemned the Israeli attacks on offices of media organizations in Gaza. “We demand the atrocities perpetrated by the Israeli government and the military should be stopped immediately in Gaza.”

“We believe in survival through co-existence but what is happening is not about the so-called Israeli’s right to exist.”

The KTBA demanded the government to strongly speak and take stand to safeguard the sanctity of Qibla-e-Awwal as well as the right of Palestinians.

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