Pakistan records highest monthly power generation decline in April 2023

Pakistan records highest monthly power generation decline in April 2023

In April 2023, Pakistan experienced the highest monthly decline in power generation since July 2012. The total power generation during that month decreased by 23 percent year-over-year (YoY) to 10,010 GWh (13,903 MW), compared to 12,960 GWh (18,001 MW) in April 2022.

This decline is attributed to various factors, including lower generation from different sources.

The breakdown of the decline in power generation by fuel sources is as follows:

1. Furnace Oil (FO): FO-based power generation decreased by 86 percent YoY.

2. Wind: Wind-based power generation declined by 31 percent YoY.

3. Hydel: Hydel-based power generation decreased by 22 percent YoY, primarily due to low water flow compared to the previous year.

4. Coal: Coal-based power generation declined by 16 percent YoY.

5. Nuclear: Nuclear-based power generation declined by 15 percent YoY.

6. Gas: Gas-based power generation declined by 7 percent YoY.

7. RLNG: Power generation from RLNG (Regasified Liquefied Natural Gas) decreased by 4 percent YoY.

The decline in power generation can be attributed to the overall decline in economic activity across the country. Major contributors to power generation during April 2023 were RLNG (24.2 percent share), Nuclear (19.1 percent share), Hydel (18.7 percent share), Coal (18.2 percent share), Gas (11.9 percent share), Wind (3.2 percent share), FO (2.2 percent share), Solar (1.3 percent share), and Bagasse (0.8 percent share).

China Power Hub Generation did not generate any electricity in April 2023 due to coal import issues. Over the last six months, the plant generated only 67 GWh. Thar Energy Limited (TEL) resumed electricity generation after a two-month closure caused by transmission constraints resulting from a delay in the second transmission line between Thar and Matiari Converter Station.

Additionally, the fuel cost for power generation increased by 24.6 percent month-over-month (MoM) in April 2023, averaging PKR 10.24/KWh compared to PKR 8.22/KWh in March 2023. The MoM rise in fuel cost was influenced by several factors:

1. Hydel-based power generation decreased by 6 percent MoM.

2. Nuclear-based power generation declined by 4 percent MoM.

3. FO-based power generation increased by 5.5 times MoM. FO is a relatively expensive source of power generation.

4. Coal-based cost of generation increased by 41 percent MoM.

5. FO-based cost of generation also increased by 9 percent MoM.

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