PM Corona Relief Fund set up; source of money not to be asked

PM Corona Relief Fund set up; source of money not to be asked

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday set up a fund to generate money for helping people affected by coronavirus lockdown.

The fund has been set up at National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) at Karachi.

The prime minister in his address to the nation said that authorities would not ask source of the money donated to this fund.

Further, the money donated to this fund will also be tax exempted, he added.

The prime minister also constituted Tiger Force to fight coronavirus. He said that the force would go to affected areas due to lockdown and would provide food and other essential items.

The tiger force will also aware people about the coronavirus.

Imran Khan said that aged people and weak persons were more vulnerable to this virus. However, normal persons will have no threat from this virus and they can be recovered by self-quarantine.

He again said that Pakistan cannot afford lockdown in entire country and there is not comparison of Pakistan with other developed nations.

The prime minister said that around 80 to 90 people of Pakistan have not sufficient food for them. Any lockdown will further aggravate situation for them, he added.