Process of IT licensing for Tier-1 retailers to take time

Process of IT licensing for Tier-1 retailers to take time

ISLAMABAD:  Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Tuesday said that the process of licensing the IT Service Providers for integration of Tier-1 retailers will take time.

The FBR issued Rules for licensing of IT Service Providers, rendering IT services to retailers undergoing integration with FBR vide SRO 1063 (I)/2021 dated 24th August 2021.

“The operationalization of licensing regime may take some time to complete the licensing process.”

In order to facilitate the retailers and with seamless integration, the current IT service providers will continue to provide services to their clients till such time the Board notifies the licensed IT service providers.


150ZQZH. Licensing.—  (1) No person shall carry out integration of the retailers through software unless he has obtained a license under these rules.

(2) No licensee under these rules shall maintain or operate the system or provide any other service, which is not authorized under these rules.

(3) Every payment counter whether fixed or portable and generates invoices for receipt of payment either in cash or through debit or credit card shall be connected as per rule 150ZEB.

(4) Every licensee shall be bound to integrate the payment counter in the manner as prescribed under sub-rule (4), (5),(16) and (17) of rule 150ZEB.

150ZQZI. Functions of the licensing committee.— (1) The licensing committee shall function in accordance with the provisions of these rules or any other instructions,  procedures, issued by the Board.

(2) Project Director Retail Monitoring Cell shall be the convener of the licensing committee located at FBR House, Islamabad. The Board shall provide secretarial and other allied support for the functioning of the licensing committee.

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