SBP issues instructions on foreign currency loan by private sector

SBP issues instructions on foreign currency loan by private sector

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Tuesday issued instruction to banks and exchange companies related to foreign currency loan by private sector.

A circular issued by the central bank said that the chapter 19 of Foreign Exchange Manual 2019 contained that it is required to register all foreign currency (FCY) loans, above USD one (1) million, with Exchange Policy Department, State Bank of Pakistan.

In this regard, the SBP decided that all FCY loans will be registered by the banks and exchange companies irrespective of the amount. ADs will be responsible to ensure that FCY loans registered by them, are in compliance with all the parameters given against each type of FCY loan, in Chapter 19 of FEM 2019. However, prior permission of SBP will continue to be required for raising following FCY Loans:

Private sector FCY loans mobilized through securitized instruments, issuance of bonds and financing under Islamic arrangements.

Long term FCY borrowing by ADs.

FCY borrowing by other Financial Institutions i.e. NBFIs, DFIs, PSOs, PSPs, Leasing Companies, House Building Finance Companies & Insurance Companies.

The SBP said that authorized dealers shall also ensure to have independent assessment of each FCY loan proposal/ transaction from money laundering/ terrorism financing risk and foreign exchange risk perspective, by their Compliance or Risk Management Department, prior to its registration. For this purpose, ADs shall conduct appropriate due diligence of the proposal including particulars of lender and shall determine the ultimate beneficial ownership, if it is not a Financial Institution.

In case, the lending entity is controlled by residents, ADs shall ensure that their investment abroad is in compliance with foreign exchange regulations. Further, ADs shall conduct annual focused Internal Audit of FCY Loan Registration function.

Further, the minimum tenor of loans raised as PSBA for working capital under Para 7(iii) and FSBA for liquidity management purposes under Para 9(iii) of Chapter 19 of FEM 2019 has been reduced to one month.

For reporting these foreign private loans (FPL) data on Data Acquisition Portal (DAP), all ADs are required to get Loan Registration Number (LRN) of each loan from Statistics and Data Warehouse Department by 5th of the following month by providing information along with repayment schedule.

All other terms, conditions and instructions in the matter shall remain unchanged. Accordingly, Chapter 19 of the FEM 2019 has been revised and is attached herewith. ADs are advised to bring the above contents to the notice of all their constituents and ensure meticulous compliance.

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