Sindh allows property registrations; issues SOPs

Sindh allows property registrations; issues SOPs

KARACHI: The Sindh government has allowed registration of properties from Monday May 04, 2020 with certain restriction to ensure compliance of lockdown to prevent spread of coronavirus.

The provincial government has permitted Board of Revenue (BOR) to allow functioning / opening of the offices of sub-registrars in Karachi Division with effect from May 04, 2020 with the condition of strict observance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The Sindh government issued following SOPs for functioning of sub-registrar offices:

01. The offices of sub-registrars shall start functioning from 10:00 am daily on all working days and close at 4:00 pm during Ramazan ul Mubarak and on the notified office timings of the government of Sindh in the subsequent months;

02. Each aspirant for registration of document shall contact the concerned sub-registrar through one of the messaging services (SMS/Whatsapp) to get an appointment of a fixed time reserved for execution of his/her documents;

03. Each party shall get a fixed time of 20 minutes, and the party concerned shall be obligated to reach within the office premises at least five minutes earlier, and get their presence acknowledged by the concerned officials/ peshkar;

04. No person shall be allowed to enter the office without demonstrable message of appointment;

05. Only actual executants and identifiers shall be permitted to enter the office who all shall make sure that they present themselves in the office at the fixed time;

06. If any one of the mandatory signatories is missing, the documents shall not be received, and a new time shall be given;

07. The executants shall bring along their hand sanitizers; sanitize their hands before and after execution/registration of the document; wear a recommended face mask; maintain social distancing among themselves and with the staff;

08. No executants/identifier shall be allowed entry in the office premises unless he/she has adopted the above protective measures;

09. The executants and identifiers shall stand in a queue at their designated spot marked by the sub-registrars at three feet distance for each person;

10. The entire job shall be completed within 20 minutes where after the parties shall leave the office, and the next party shall be called in;

11. For the party in waiting, there shall as well be markings at three feet distance for each individual in the corridor or other appropriate place to be identified by the sub-registrar concerned. Such notices shall be displayed at conspicuous places for public information;

12. No hand shake or other means of body touch shall be permissible;

13. It shall be lawful for the sub-registrar to defer registration by putting a specific note about violation of these SOPs and / or other relevant SOPs notified by the Home Department Government of Sindh by any one or more persons from amongst the executing parties;

14. Minimum nuclear staff shall be called for duty;

15. The sub-registrar shall be duty bound to follow and implement the SOPs.

16. The sub-registrar shall keep his office, record etc. disinfected continually;

17. The entire staff shall put on face mask and hand gloves of appropriate specifications;

18. The district registrar shall constitute monitoring team, and shall himself carry out surprise visits to the office of sub-registrars to check whether the SOPs are being followed in letter and spirit;

19. A daily log of inspections along with a brief account of the observations shall be submitted to the inspector general of registration Sindh and Member RS&EP Board of Revenue Sindh;

20. The concerned deputy commissioner/assistant commissioner shall carry out surprise inspection of the offices of sub-registrars to monitor implementation of the SOPs and upon finding any violation, the deputy commissioner shall immediately generate a report for senior member board of revenue for criminal/departmental action;

21. No private person shall be allowed entry in the scanning or audit office;

22. All the relevant SOPs notified by the Home Department shall be additionally followed in letter and spirit; and

23. The sub-registrar shall cause these SOPs to be conspicuously displayed in and outside his office.