FBR allows reduced duty rates for import of certain CBU vehicles

KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has allowed reduced rate of customs duty on import of certain automotive vehicles in Completely Built Units (CBUs) under Automotive Development Policy 2016-2020.

Following are the automotive vehicles, which are granted reduced customs duty rates on import:

1. Agricultural Tractors, having an engine capacity exceeding 26 kW but not exceeding 75kW (PCT code 8701.9220, 8701.9320) at 15 percent.

2. Agricultural Tractors (other than mentioned at S. No. 1 above) (PCT Code 8701.9100, 8701.9400, 8701.9500) at 10 percent.

3. Fully dedicated LNG buses (CBU) (PCT Code 8702.9030) at one percent

4. Fully dedicated LPG buses (CBU) (PCT Code 8702.9040) at one percent

5. Fully dedicated CNG buses (CBU) (PCT Code 8702.9050) one percent.

6. Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) (CBU) (PCT code 8702.2090, 8702.3090) at one percent.

7. Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) (CBU) (PCT code 8704.2214, 8704.2294, 8704.2340, 8704.3240) at one percent.

8. Trailers (PCT code 87.16) at 15 percent

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