What is tax fraud?

What is tax fraud?

Sales Tax Act, 1990 has defined ‘tax fraud’ as doing of any act knowingly without lawful excuse.

The Sales Tax Act, 1990 [updated up to June 30, 2020 issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)] explained ‘tax fraud’ as:

Tax fraud” means knowingly, dishonestly or fraudulently and without any lawful excuse (burden of proof of which excuse shall be upon the accused) –

(i) doing of any act or causing to do any act; or

(ii) omitting to take any action or causing the omission to take any action, including the making of taxable supplies without getting registration under this Act; or

(iii) falsifying or causing falsification the sales tax invoices,

in contravention of duties or obligations imposed under this Act or rules or instructions issued thereunder with the intention of understating the tax liability or underpaying the tax liability for two consecutive tax periods or overstating the entitlement to tax credit or tax refund to cause loss of tax.

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