Xiaomi Revs Up Production, Delivers Over 10,000 SU7 in June

Xiaomi Revs Up Production, Delivers Over 10,000 SU7 in June

Xiaomi is hitting the gas pedal on production for its popular SU7 electric car. The tech giant announced it surpassed 10,000 deliveries in June, a significant jump from previous months. This achievement aligns with their ambitious goal of delivering 100,000 to 120,000 units in 2024.

To meet surging demand, Xiaomi implemented a dual-shift production system in May, and they expect to maintain this momentum throughout July. This is great news for customers who pre-ordered the SU7, but there may still be a wait.

To show appreciation for their patience, Xiaomi is offering a special gift package for those with delivery times exceeding three months.

The limited-time offer includes:

Free upgrade to luxurious Nappa leather seats (valued at 8,000 yuan)

Lifetime access to enhanced autonomous driving features for all SU7 models

This exclusive package is available for a deposit of 5,000 yuan (around $688 USD) between July 1st and 31st.

Looking ahead, performance enthusiasts will be excited to learn about the high-performance variant of the SU7. Camouflaged prototypes of the SU7 V8s were recently spotted testing at the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack in Germany.

Expected upgrades for the SU7 V8s include:

Enhanced chassis for improved handling

Upgraded braking system for superior stopping power

Based on comments from Xiaomi officials, the current baseline performance target for the Nürburgring is a lap time of 7 minutes and 30 seconds. With further optimization, Xiaomi is aiming to push this under the 7-minute mark.

The V8s super motor promises a thrilling driving experience with a maximum speed of 27,200 rpm and a potential output close to 1,000 horsepower. This high-performance variant, dubbed the “SU7 Ultra” by some, is expected to launch in 2025.

While recent racing accidents involving the SU7 raised concerns, it’s important to remember the significant differences between consumer and race-modified vehicles. Xiaomi encourages all drivers to exercise caution and follow safe driving practices.