Apple to Expand Repair Options by Supporting Used Genuine Parts

Apple to Expand Repair Options by Supporting Used Genuine Parts

Apple has unveiled plans to broaden its repair services by enabling customers and independent repair providers to use pre-owned Apple parts in upcoming repairs, starting this fall.

This initiative aims to uphold user privacy, security, and safety while presenting consumers with more choices, prolonging product lifespan, and lessening the environmental footprint associated with repairs.

John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, emphasized Apple’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, stating, “At Apple, we’re always striving to enhance customer experiences while minimizing our environmental impact by creating products designed to endure.”

The enhancement will allow the integration of used genuine Apple parts with the same level of functionality and security as new parts, utilizing original factory calibration. The process will initially apply to selected iPhone models and will expand to include biometric sensors in future releases.

To ensure privacy and security, Apple has devised a comprehensive verification process, known as “pairing,” essential for preserving iPhone integrity. This will include Activation Lock support for iPhone parts, deterring the use of parts from lost or stolen devices. Activation Lock will restrict the use of parts sourced from devices with active Activation Lock or Lost Mode.

Furthermore, Apple will introduce an extension of its Parts and Service History feature, allowing users to access a detailed repair and part history directly from their device settings. This transparency ensures that subsequent owners are fully informed about the device’s repair and part status.

Apple’s commitment to enhancing repair accessibility is evident through its network expansion, which has doubled the number of service locations offering genuine Apple parts, tools, and training. Additionally, the Self Service Repair program, introduced in 2022, empowers experienced individuals to perform repairs using Apple’s resources independently.