Appraisement West Karachi announces auction of huge lot of vehicles on September 24

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement and Facilitation (West) announced auction of huge lot of vehicles schedule on September 24, 2020 to be held at Bay-West Custom House Karachi.

01. Honda/N Box, Chassis No. JF1-4101734, Model 2013

02. Honda N-Box Mini Van, Chassis No: JF1-2211404, Model: 2014

03. Honda N-Box Mini Van, Chassis No: JF1-3102085, Model: 2013

04. Honda N Box, Chassis No: JF1-1226467, Model: 2013

05. Honda N-Box Mini Van, Chassis No: JF1-1222313, Model: 2013

06. Honda/N Box, Chassis No: JF1-1287038, Model: 2016

07. Honda/ N Box Chassis No: JF1-1524358, Model: 2013

08. Honda/ N Box, Chassis No: JF1-1257401, Model: 2013

09. Honda/ N Box Chassis No: JF1-1848450

10. Honda/ N Box Chassis No: JF3-2043350, Model: 2018

11. Honda/ N Box Chassis No: JF3-2044810, Engine, Model: S078, Year: 2018

12. Toyota Passo, Chassis No: KGC30-02550817 PCS Inner Cargo Autoparts, Model: 2016, Capacity: 996CC

13. Suzuki Wagon R Car, Chassis No: MH555-240908, Model: 2018

14. Suzuki Every, Chassis No: DA64V-846585, Model: 2014

15. Toyota Aqua, chassis No: NHP10-6506987, Model: 2018, Capacity: 1496CC

16. Suzuki Alto Car, Chassis No: HA365-2843191 PCS Inner Cargo Auto parts, Model: 2016

17. Suzuki Every Van, Chassis No: DA64W-434983, Model: 2014

18. Suzuki Wagon R Car, Chassis No: MH445-187722, Model: 2016

19. Daihatsu Cast, Chassis No: LA260S-0013234, Model: 2017, Capacity: 658CC

20. Suzuki Alto, Chassis No: HA365-388444, Model: 2018

21. Daihatsu Cast, Chassis No: LA260S-0024543, Model: 2017, Capacity: 658CC

22. Daihatsu Mira, Chassis No: LA300S-1374404, Model: 2016, Capacity: 658CC

23. Suzuki Every, Chassis No. DA17V-142150, Model 2015

24. Suzuki Alto Hatch Back, Chassis No. MA3GFC31S00738121, Model 2014, Color Grey

25. Toyota Probox, Chassis No. NCP50-0135650, Model 2013, Capacity 1298CC

26. Toyota Probox, Chassis No. NCP50-0136868, Model 2013, Capacity 1298CC

27. Toyota Probox, Chassis No. NCP50-0136983, Model 2013, Capacity 1298CC

28. Toyota Probox, Chassis No. NCP50-0136507, Model 2013, Capacity 1298CC

29. Toyota Probox, Chassis No. NCP50-0136762, Model 2013, Capacity 1298CC

30. Toyota Probox, Chassis No. NCP50-0136449, Model 2013, Capacity 1298CC

31. Toyota Probox, Chassis No. NCP50-0142611, Model 2013, Capacity 1298CC

32. Toyota/Fielde, Chassis No. NKE165-8048210

33. Honda / VEZEL, Chassis No. RU3-1271244, Model 2017

34. Nissan Clipper Van, Chassis No. DA64V-802265, Model 2014

35. Honda VEZEL, Chassis No. RU3-119150, Model 2015

36. Honda VEZEL, Chassis No. RU3-1128619, Model 2015

37. Mitsubishi/EK Wagon, Chassis No. B11W-0224971, Model 2016

38. Daihatsu/Mira ES, Chassis No. LA300S-1413146, Model 2017, Capacity 658CC

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