FBR advised to activate anti-corruption committees

FBR advised to activate anti-corruption committees

ISLAMABAD: A senior officer of Pakistan Customs has advised the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to activate recently established committees for eliminating corruption in the organization.

Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah, Chief Collector Customs (North), who is also In charge of Integrity Management Cell, in a letter advised the FBR chairman to activate ‘integrity committees’ at the field level at the earliest.

The collector said that with a view to giving an easy access to the general public for redressal of their grievances and transforming FBR into an accountable, fair and responsive organization, an “Integrity Management and Performance Management System” was established at FBR HQ in 2014.

The system was aimed at combating corruption within the organization and providing checks to ensure the integrity of its employees.

“Nevertheless, the accountability mechanism remained sluggish and slow owing to various HR and other related issues. It must, however, be understood, without any ambiguity, that FBR is following zero tolerance policy for corruption. Recent suspension of many officials/officers, clearly establishes our resolve against corrupt elements.”

The collector said that recently the FBR geared up its efforts in line with the policy of the government to curb corruption and established internal integrity management system and accountability mechanism within the department.

The collector further said that integrity management committees at the field formation level have also been notified by the board. All field formations of the FBR are, therefore, expected to follow a policy of zero tolerance for corruption and take every possible step to curb this menace.