APTMA praises policies to make textile industry viable after 10 red years

APTMA praises policies to make textile industry viable after 10 red years

KARACHI: As a result of the progressive policies and personal interest of the Prime Minister especially by providing regionally competitive energy tariffs the textile industry has become viable after remaining in the red for 10 long years, All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) said in a press release on Wednesday.

The textile industry has achieved a record increase of 26 percent growth in quantitative terms although this did not directly reflect in the dollar amounts due to a substantial worldwide decrease in textile prices.

However if this 26 percent increase in quantity had not been achieved the exports would have been less than $ 8.5 billion, the international prices have now recovered. As per records, profits of the companies were over 5 percent.

The companies have posted a turnover of $ 16 billion out of which $ 13.3 billion was exported and $ 2.8 billion were sold in the domestic market.

Industry has contributed to the exchequer through income tax of Rs. 40 billion as well as various other indirect taxes and levies of over Rs. 35 billion. The importance of the industry can be assessed from the fact that it also employs over 10 million workers with many more dependents.

As a result of the confidence reposed by the Prime Minister in the industry and the appointment of a dedicated Task Force to not only formulate but ensure implementation of a progressive textile policy, Industry is all poised to take off and double exports in the next four years. Industry as a result of the profits posted has strong balance sheets and an equity fund of US $ 1 billion earned directly from the international market. These funds can be leveraged to invest at least $ 4 billion in the next year alone.

“We profusely thank the Prime Minister for having taken personal ownership and stewardship of the industry and chaired over a dozen meetings with the industry during this last year to resolve their issues,” the association said.