Assembly Approves 35% Salary Increase for Government Employees

Assembly Approves 35% Salary Increase for Government Employees

Islamabad, June 25, 2023: Pakistan’s legislative assembly has given its approval for a significant increase of 35 percent in the salary of government employees for the fiscal year 2023-24.

The National Assembly passed the budget for the upcoming fiscal year with additional recommendations put forward by the legislators.

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The approved salary increase includes a 35 percent ad-hoc relief allowance for employees in grade 1 to 16, while employees in scale 17 and above will receive a 30 percent ad-hoc relief allowance. Additionally, the pension has been increased by 17.50 percent, providing further financial support to retired government employees. Moreover, the minimum wage has been raised from 25,000 rupees to 32,000 rupees, ensuring a better livelihood for low-income workers.

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This decision by the National Assembly reflects the government’s commitment to improving the financial well-being of government employees and addressing concerns related to income disparities. The increased salaries and pensions aim to alleviate financial burdens and enhance the standard of living for government workers across different scales and retirement.

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The approved budget for the fiscal year 2023-24, along with the salary increments, demonstrates the government’s efforts to prioritize the welfare of its employees and promote equitable economic growth. These measures will provide relief and support to government workers, allowing them to meet their financial needs and improve their quality of life.

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