Bakhtiar Muhammad Appointed as Official Spokesperson for FBR

Bakhtiar Muhammad Appointed as Official Spokesperson for FBR

Islamabad, May 16, 2024 – The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday announced the appointment of Bakhtiar Muhammad, a senior BS-21 officer of the Inland Revenue Service, as its official spokesperson, effective immediately.

Bakhtiar Muhammad, currently serving as Member (PR) at the FBR headquarters in Islamabad, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role. With his extensive background in taxation and public relations, Muhammad is well-positioned to represent the FBR and communicate its policies and initiatives to the public.

The appointment of Bakhtiar Muhammad as the FBR’s official spokesperson was made with the approval of the Secretary of the Revenue Division and Chairman of the FBR. In his capacity as spokesperson, Muhammad will be responsible for addressing inquiries and clarifying issues related to taxation matters.

Tax officials and taxpayers alike have expressed optimism about the appointment, expecting that Muhammad’s tenure as spokesperson will contribute to greater transparency and understanding of tax affairs. His appointment is seen as a positive step towards fostering better communication between the FBR and stakeholders, including taxpayers, businesses, and the general public.

The role of an official spokesperson is crucial in ensuring effective communication and building trust between government institutions and the public they serve. Muhammad’s appointment underscores the FBR’s commitment to enhancing transparency and accountability in its operations.

As the FBR continues its efforts to modernize and streamline the tax administration system in Pakistan, the appointment of Bakhtiar Muhammad is expected to play a significant role in promoting awareness and understanding of tax policies and procedures.

Muhammad’s background in the Inland Revenue Service equips him with valuable insights into the complexities of taxation, making him well-equipped to address inquiries and provide accurate information on tax matters. His tenure as spokesperson is anticipated to facilitate smoother interactions between taxpayers and the FBR, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and equitable tax system.

With Bakhtiar Muhammad assuming the role of official spokesperson, stakeholders look forward to a more proactive and responsive approach from the FBR in engaging with the public and addressing concerns related to taxation.