British Council issues important statement on CIEs 2023

British Council issues important statement on CIEs 2023

The British Council has issued statement regarding the Cambridge International Examinations (CAIEs) for 2023, including the resumption of exams nationwide from May 15, 2023. This decision was made after prioritizing the safety of candidates during the recent uncertain times.

Candidates are advised to report to their designated exam venues as indicated in their Statement of Entry and Venue Letter. The British Council expresses gratitude for the continued support received and wishes all candidates the best of luck in their exams.

For those affected by the cancellation of exams on May 10, 11, and 12, the British Council and Cambridge have outlined the next steps. The British Council clarified that results will not be based on school assessed grades and will not require schools to collect a portfolio of evidence for candidates’ work. Grades will only be awarded based on examinations that candidates have been able to take.

Candidates whose exams have been canceled can still receive a result if they have completed at least one eligible component and at least 15 percent of the total assessment in the June 2023 exam series. A Level candidates must sit at least one A2-level component to receive a result for a full A Level.

Cambridge follows an established process to calculate a candidate’s performance in components they were unable to take due to acceptable reasons. This process utilizes the candidate’s performance in the taken components to determine their performance in the components they missed.

The Cambridge website provides a detailed explanation of this process. It’s important to note that assessed marks are not an average grade, do not rely on forecast grades provided by schools, and do not utilize the candidate’s mock exam grade.

Regarding A Level Mathematics and A Level History, for which exams have been canceled for three consecutive days, Cambridge acknowledges the significance of these exams for students’ university entry and is actively exploring ways to support the affected candidates. Further updates on the next steps for these candidates will be provided next week.