Cabinet Approves ATIR Conditions of Services Rules 2024

Cabinet Approves ATIR Conditions of Services Rules 2024

Islamabad, May 14, 2024: The Federal Cabinet, under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, has given its seal of approval to the Appellate Tribunals Inland Revenue (ATIR) (Conditions of Service) Rules 2024.

This decision, made during Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, marks a pivotal step towards enhancing efficiency and transparency within the realm of tax dispute resolution.

According to the press release issued by the PM Office Media Wing, the primary objective behind the establishment of the Appellate Tribunals is to expedite the disposal of pending cases pertaining to tax issues. The Rules delineate the framework for the appointment of members to these tribunals, a move expected to bolster the effectiveness of tax-related judicial proceedings.

The endorsement of the Conditions of Service Rules 2024 by the federal cabinet comes following meticulous deliberations and recommendations put forth by the Ministry of Law and Justice. This decision underscores the government’s commitment to fortifying the legal infrastructure and ensuring equitable access to justice in matters concerning revenue disputes.

Furthermore, the cabinet meeting witnessed the approval of amendments in legislation pertaining to Toshakhana gifts. Under the revised provisions, recipients of shields, souvenirs, and similar gifts are mandated to display them prominently within their respective institutions or organizations, while maintaining meticulous records. Gifts of books are also subject to similar regulations, with recipients obligated to showcase them in offices or public libraries, alongside the maintenance of a comprehensive catalog.

Notably, gifts deemed prohibited under local laws are to be disposed of in accordance with protocols established by a committee constituted by the Cabinet Division. Moreover, the honorarium for experts from the private sector engaged in evaluating Toshakhana gifts is set to be augmented, reflecting the government’s recognition of their invaluable contribution to the process.

In a parallel development, the cabinet ratified decisions taken by the Cabinet Committee for Legislative Cases on May 7, while also directing the formation of a special committee to deliberate on proposed amendments to the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016. This committee, spearheaded by Adviser to the PM on Political Affairs Rana Sanaullah and comprising representatives from coalition parties, underscores the government’s consultative approach towards legislative reforms.

Additionally, the cabinet, upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, granted tax and duty exemptions on 1 million bottles of Multi-Micro Nutrients intended for pregnant women. This humanitarian initiative, donated by Kirk Humanitarian USA and Junaid Family Foundation USA, exemplifies the government’s commitment to prioritizing maternal and child health.

Moreover, the cabinet accorded approval for an amendment in the laws related to the Appointment of Investment Mohtasib (Ombudsman), mandating candidates for the post to hold degrees in commerce, finance, or related fields. This move aims to enhance the efficacy and professionalism of the office, ensuring that individuals appointed possess the requisite expertise to discharge their duties effectively.

In conclusion, the decisions taken by the Federal Cabinet reflect a concerted effort to reinforce legal frameworks, streamline administrative processes, and prioritize public welfare initiatives. The approval of the ATIR Conditions of Service Rules 2024 marks a significant stride towards fostering a conducive environment for equitable dispute resolution in tax matters, while the amendments to Toshakhana gift regulations underscore the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability.