China gives four scanners to Pakistan Customs for preventing currency smuggling

China gives four scanners to Pakistan Customs for preventing currency smuggling

ISLAMABAD – In a gesture of goodwill and cooperation, China has donated four advanced X-Ray scanners to the Pakistan Custom Wing of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

The equipment, valued at one million RMB, was officially handed over by Chen Wei, Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Islamabad, to Dr. Jawwad Uwais Agha, Member Customs (Operations) of FBR. The donation ceremony was attended by several senior officers of Pakistan Customs.

The four X-Ray scanners provided by China are expected to play a critical role in enhancing the capabilities of Customs authorities at airports in Pakistan. By utilizing non-intrusive technology, these scanners will significantly aid in preventing smuggling of contraband items, particularly currency and illegal goods.

The generous gift of these state-of-the-art scanners underscores the unshakable friendship and brotherhood between the people of Pakistan and China. It serves as a testament to the enduring and unbreakable China-Pakistan friendship, which has been a cornerstone of diplomatic relations between the two countries for decades.

Customs clearance facilitation is a key aspect of international trade and security. The provision of these X-Ray scanners will not only bolster Pakistan’s ability to detect and deter illicit activities but also streamline and expedite customs procedures, ultimately contributing to more efficient trade flows and border security.

The scanners are equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows Customs officials to conduct thorough inspections of cargo and luggage without the need for physical intrusion. This is especially valuable in identifying concealed or prohibited items, as well as verifying the accuracy of customs declarations.

Furthermore, these scanners are capable of screening both passenger baggage and cargo shipments, offering a comprehensive solution to Customs enforcement. By enhancing the non-intrusive inspection process, these scanners will contribute to ensuring the lawful movement of goods and currency across borders while minimizing the risk of smuggling and illicit trade.

Both Pakistan and China have a shared interest in maintaining secure and efficient customs procedures, given their extensive trade and economic ties. This donation is just one of many instances of collaboration between the two countries, emphasizing their commitment to mutual support and partnership.

The Chinese government’s contribution of these X-Ray scanners represents a tangible manifestation of their commitment to assisting Pakistan in enhancing its customs and border security capabilities. It serves as a testament to the strength of the diplomatic and economic relations between the two nations.

The scanners will be put to immediate use, and the Pakistan Customs Wing of FBR is expected to harness their capabilities effectively in its ongoing efforts to combat smuggling and ensure the smooth flow of legitimate trade. This generous gesture by China further solidifies the robust and enduring friendship between the two countries and paves the way for continued collaboration in various areas of mutual interest.

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