Clearance resumes as EPA clears Custom House building

Clearance resumes as EPA clears Custom House building

KARACHI: Customs clearance has been resumed after a briefed period of closure as Environment Protection Agency (EPA) cleared the Custom House Karachi from any threat owing to spread of toxic gas.

Wasif Memon, Chief Collector Pakistan Customs, on Monday said that all customs clearance operation had been resumed.

He said that EPA had cleared the building and there was no threat detected.

He said that National Bank branch of Custom House, Karachi was also started receiving duty and taxes for customs clearance.

Earlier in the day the port activities and customs clearance were suspended as precautionary measures in the wake of mysterious toxic gas which claimed at least five lives.

The unidentified leakage of poisonous gas claimed around five lives and around 100 were faint yester day. The authorities have so far unable to find out the root cause of the gas leakage.

An official at Pakistan Customs said that the Custom House Karachi had been evacuated as precautionary measures as officials were facing breathing problems.

“Not a single person at Custom House Karachi was faint,” said Syed Ifran Ali, senior customs official. “However, taking precautionary measures the Custom House has been evacuated,” he added.

He said that customs clearing has also been suspended and main branch of National Bank at Custom House, Karachi was also closed.

The official said that the port activities had also been suspended while taking precautionary measures.