Commerce ministry enhances shelf life condition to discourage substandard edible imports

ISLAMABAD: The ministry of commerce has put mandatory requirement of 66 percent shelf life on imported edible items in order to discourage not fit items and save huge foreign exchange.

The ministry of commerce issued SRO 659(I)/2019 dated June 27, 2019 to amend Import Policy Order 2016 and enhanced the condition of shelf life for imported edible items from 50 percent to 66 percent or 2/3rd of the shelf life.

The condition will be applicable from July 01, 2019.

Through the latest notification the ministry of commerce made amendment to Appendix – B of the Import Policy Order, 2016.

As per import policy all the edible products are importable in Pakistan with certain conditions. At present the following conditions are applicable:

i. It must be fit for human consumption;

ii. The products shall be free of any Haram elements or ingredients;

iii. Edible products shall have at least 50 percent of the shelf life, calculated from the date of filing of Import General Manifest (IGM).

iv. Where condition at (i) above are not permitted on the packing, certificate issued by the manufacturers or principals in respect of these conditions shall be accepted by Customs Authorities.

v. That, in case of meat, it was obtained from Halal animals and slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic inductions;

vi. Import of edible oil in bulk quantity shall be on landed weight and quality basis.

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