Customers’ exchange rates on February 09, 2022

Customers’ exchange rates on February 09, 2022

Karachi, February 09, 2022: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has released the official exchange rates for February 09, 2022, providing important insights into currency values against the Pakistani Rupee.

These rates, calculated based on the weighted average rates reported by commercial banks, are essential for businesses and individuals involved in international transactions.

Published on Wednesday, the SBP emphasized that the exchange rates are compiled and disseminated solely for informational purposes. These rates, quoted by various commercial banks, serve as estimates and offer a glimpse into the current market conditions.

The indicative exchange rates provided by the banks are commonly used for commercial transactions with customers. However, participants in the foreign exchange market should be aware that these rates may fluctuate due to market dynamics and the specific terms of individual transactions.

Here are the buying and selling rates for major currencies against the Pakistani Rupee as of February 09, 2022:

• AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham):

• Buying: PKR 47.4752

• Selling: PKR 47.5862

• AUD (Australian Dollar):

• Buying: PKR 124.7971

• Selling: PKR 125.0835

• CAD (Canadian Dollar):

• Buying: PKR 137.2712

• Selling: PKR 137.5844

• CHF (Swiss Franc):

• Buying: PKR 188.4563

• Selling: PKR 188.8984

• CNY (Chinese Yuan):

• Buying: PKR 27.4179

• Selling: PKR 27.4779

• EUR (Euro):

• Buying: PKR 199.1101

• Selling: PKR 199.5839

• GBP (British Pound Sterling):

• Buying: PKR 236.2636

• Selling: PKR 236.8250

• JPY (Japanese Yen):

• Buying: PKR 1.5091

• Selling: PKR 1.5127

• SAR (Saudi Riyal):

• Buying: PKR 46.4565

• Selling: PKR 46.5632

• USD (United States Dollar):

• Buying: PKR 174.2570

• Selling: PKR 174.6798

These exchange rates provide valuable information for businesses and individuals engaged in international trade and finance. Participants in the foreign exchange market are encouraged to stay updated with the latest information, as exchange rates can be influenced by various factors, including economic conditions and geopolitical events. The SBP remains dedicated to ensuring transparency in the foreign exchange market, facilitating smooth transactions for all stakeholders.