Customs intelligence to auction huge quantity Indian fabric on March 03

Customs intelligence to auction huge quantity Indian fabric on March 03

ISLAMABAD: Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) Faisalabad has announced public auction of huge quantity Indian origin fabric on March 03, 2021.

According to details the directorate announced to auction of confiscated goods and vehicles lying in the State Warehouse, I&I Customs Faisalabad. A huge quantity of 18,870 kilograms of Indian origin Shafoon cloth will be presented for the auction.

The details of other goods that will be presented for the auction is as following:

Old and used serviceable electric motors: 6000 kgs

Rani Fruit Juice (Made in Iran): 93840 tins

Dry Garlic Packed in PP bags: 7350 kgs

Cigarette Paper verge: 2000 kgs

Glassware crockery, Made in Iran: 1830-kgs

Cashew Karnels: 300 kgs

Shopping bags, product of Iran: 24,875 kgs

Knitted fabric in rolls: 1366 kgs

High Speed Diesel oil: 16,500 liters

The directorate will also auction following motor vehicles:

01. Toyota Premio Car, Model 2003, Chassis No. ZZT240-5001532, 1800CC, Registration No. QB-777, Islamabad

02. Toyota Premio Car, Model 2010, Chassis No. ZRT260-3070933, Engine No. 2ZR-0675778, 1797CC, Registration No. ZW-309, Islamabad

03. Toyota Fielder Car, Model 2000, Chasis No. NZE121-0011900, Engine No. 1nZ-FE, Horse Power 1500CC, Registration No. AAQ-078, Quetta.

04. Honda Civic Car, Model 2001, Chassis No. JHmES85801S204430, Engine No. D15Y6-1001921, 1500CC, Registration No. LEE14-9038

05. Toyota Fielder Car, Model 2004, Chassis No. NZE121-0306342, 1496CC, Registration No. AAN-468, Quetta

06. Toyota Corolla Car, Model 2004, Chassis No. NZE121-3270181. 1500CC, Registration No. BW-672 Islamabad

07. Toyota Vitz Car, Model 2006, Chassis No. KSP90-5068919, 1000CC, Registration No. LEA12-5079.