Deadline Expires in Two Days for Illegal Foreign Nationals in Pakistan

Deadline Expires in Two Days for Illegal Foreign Nationals in Pakistan

As the clock ticks down to Tuesday, October 31, 2023, illegal foreign nationals in Pakistan are facing a crucial deadline to leave the country voluntarily.

With just two days left until the expiration, the government has made it clear that there will be no extension to this deadline, emphasizing the importance of repatriation to their respective countries.

Official sources have confirmed that the government is adamant about enforcing this deadline, aiming to curb the influx of illegal foreign nationals, particularly Afghan citizens, residing in Pakistan. In a bid to ensure compliance, law enforcement agencies have completed geo-fencing and geo-mapping of illegal residents, making it more challenging for them to evade authorities.

Once the deadline passes, stringent actions will be taken against the illegal foreigners, which include the confiscation of all their movable and immovable properties. This stern approach is part of the government’s strategy to address the issue of illegal immigration effectively.

The Afghan nationals comprise a significant portion of the undocumented foreign population in Pakistan. So far, there has been considerable progress in their voluntary repatriation. Over 86,000 undocumented Afghan nationals have already returned to their home country, in a display of compliance with the government’s initiative. Notably, in the past 24 hours alone, 149 families returned to Afghanistan using 174 trucks.

The repatriation of Afghan nationals is being viewed as a positive development by the international community. It is expected to have a constructive impact on the region, as it not only reduces the burden on Pakistan’s resources but also contributes to the stabilization and rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan. These efforts are especially vital given the ongoing challenges in Afghanistan’s political and economic landscape.

This operation is a culmination of Pakistan’s commitment to addressing the issue of illegal foreign nationals and their impact on the country’s security and socio-economic aspects. By setting a strict deadline and utilizing advanced technological methods for tracking and verification, the government aims to maintain the integrity of its immigration system.

International organizations and neighboring countries have been closely monitoring the situation, with many appreciating Pakistan’s proactive approach. However, there have been concerns raised about the welfare and safety of the returning Afghan nationals, given the instability and security risks still prevalent in certain regions of Afghanistan.

As the deadline rapidly approaches, there is a sense of urgency among the remaining illegal foreign nationals to make the necessary arrangements for their return to their home countries. The Pakistani government continues to provide support and assistance to those who choose to comply, ensuring a smooth and orderly repatriation process.

In conclusion, with the two-day deadline set for the departure of illegal foreign nationals from Pakistan, the government’s strong stance on repatriation remains unwavering. The completion of geo-fencing and geo-mapping adds an extra layer of enforcement, and any failure to adhere to the deadline will result in strict consequences, including the forfeiture of properties. As the international community watches closely, the positive impact of the voluntary return of Afghan nationals on the region’s stability and security is evident, making this a significant step toward addressing the issue of illegal immigration in Pakistan.

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