Dental practitioners directed to get sales tax registration

Dental practitioners directed to get sales tax registration

KARACHI: Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) has directed dental practitioners to get registered for sales tax to avoid penal action.

The SRB in a circular issued September 21, 2022, said that the services of cosmetic dental surgery, orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry and such other cosmetic and aesthetic dental procedures are taxable services under tariff heading 9842.0000 of the Second Schedule to the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act 2011 as per the definition provided under section 2 (29A) of the Act, 2011.

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All Dental Practitioners providing the aforesaid taxable services are therefore advised to get e-registered with SRB by visiting and following the step by step procedure after entering the SNTN.

The service providers are also directed to charge, levy, and collect due Sindh sales tax at 13 per cent on the aforesaid taxable services and deposit the same in Sindh Government’s head of account “B-02384” in the prescribed manner.

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It further said that e-deposit the due amount of SST in any SRB-authorized branch of NBP by 15th of the month following the tax period to which it relates.

The dental practitioners are also advised e-file true and correct Sindh sales tax returns in Form SST-03 as prescribed under section 30 of the Act, 2011 by 18th of the month following the tax period to which it relates.

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For Example: Return filing and SST payment for the month of September is due on 15th and 18th of October, respectively.

The SRB said that full and timely compliance of above provision of law is expected and will be appreciated to avoid any penal action and legal consequences by the board.

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