DP World takes precautions for consignment clearance at QICT to prevent COVID-19 spread

DP World takes precautions for consignment clearance at QICT to prevent COVID-19 spread

KARACHI: DP World has issued advisory regarding precautionary measures against coronavirus (COVID-19) for clearance of consignments at Qasim Qasim International Container Terminal (QICT).

The terminal operator said that in the wake of global widespread outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and considering current prevailing countrywide situation, terminal had taken certain initiatives to promulgate following precautionary measures to minimize customers interaction at workplace in order to avoid likely transmission of virus among workfolk aligned with the necessary guidelines and recommendations of World Health Organization).

SSR requests for fumigation, sampling, seal verification, which are manually being submitted by customers at helpdesk, can by escalated through emails by sending scanned copies of necessary documents after completion of required formalities. This will help to reduce customers rush and interaction at counters.

Print outs of emails and other documents as required by customers will no more entertained from counters to minimize unnecessary trafficking. Customers may arrange the required print outs from their respective offices.

Customers/visitors who are not processing their KCAA (Karachi Customs Agents Association) / All Pakistan Customs Agents Association (APCAA) cards will be restricted from entering terminal yard area for execution of required activities. The customs agents should ensure to bring their cards for examination yard and terminal scanning while entering and ensure compliance with staff. Customers/visitors entering the terminal premises is required to abide with the entry requirements which is taken in the interest of the community.

For releasing of multiple part of Goods Declaration (GDs) of WeBOC export containers, scanned copies of required documents i.e. CRO and consignment note can be sent through emails instead of customer visiting counters.

Maximum use of e-services like QICT mobile app, SMS, telephone and website for general queries and updating of weighment and scanning services.