Dun & Bradstreet Unveils Groundbreaking Finance Solutions for Pakistan Businesses

Dun & Bradstreet Unveils Groundbreaking Finance Solutions for Pakistan Businesses

Karachi, December 6, 2023 – Dun & Bradstreet, a global leader in business analytics and insights, has introduced two innovative solutions set to revolutionize finance operations for businesses in Pakistan.

In an official press release on Wednesday, the company unveiled D&B Finance Analytics and D&B Risk Analytics, both designed to streamline financial processes and enhance third-party risk management for Pakistani enterprises.

Powered by the extensive D&B Data Cloud, boasting over 520 million data records and key insights into 340 million shareholders, these flagship solutions mark a significant step forward in leveraging artificial intelligence for financial efficiency.

D&B Finance Analytics is a comprehensive credit-to-cash portal strategically crafted to aid businesses in optimizing financial decisions, reducing credit risk, and minimizing bad receivables. By integrating Credit Intelligence with Receivables Intelligence, this cutting-edge product offers a seamless experience by automating credit processes and facilitating efficient cash management. The result is a reduction in company costs and an enhanced customer experience.

Niran Rehman, Chief Business Officer for Dun & Bradstreet Pakistan, emphasized the importance of this solution, stating, “D&B Finance Analytics fulfills the evolving needs of businesses in managing credit risk and navigating outstanding debt in today’s dynamic financial landscape. Its easily navigable technological interface empowers users to harness the power of accurate financial insights effortlessly.”

The second platform, D&B Risk Analytics, focuses on helping companies manage regulatory, operational, and reputational risks arising from their interactions with other businesses. By employing screening, ESG performance assessment, risk scores, and disruption alerts, D&B Risk Analytics provides a holistic approach to third-party risk management. Notably, the solution includes restricted party screening, a feature designed to identify threats related to anti-money laundering, politically exposed persons, and adverse media coverage.

Niran Rehman highlighted the significance of D&B Risk Analytics, stating, “D&B Risk Analytics stands as the quintessential wholesale solution for organizations seeking a comprehensive due diligence framework for their entire business ecosystem. From entity identity resolution to risk scores, financial assessments, and third-party ESG assessments, it delivers a unified and readily deployable solution for comprehensive entity due diligence.”

Expressing the company’s commitment to delivering these cutting-edge solutions, Rehman concluded, “D&B’s dedication to empowering businesses with the tools they need reflects our commitment to helping them thrive in an increasingly complex and fast-paced business environment.”

As Dun & Bradstreet continues to push the boundaries of innovation, these finance solutions are poised to make a substantial impact on the efficiency and risk management practices of businesses across Pakistan.