FBR Acknowledges Traders Enrolled in Tajir Dost Scheme

FBR Acknowledges Traders Enrolled in Tajir Dost Scheme

Islamabad, May 13, 2024 – The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Monday honored the first batch of traders registered under the Tajir Dost Scheme.

The Regional Tax Office (RTO) Rawalpindi, a vital arm of the FBR responsible for revenue collection, hosted a ceremony to commend the pioneering efforts of these traders.

The Tajir Dost Scheme, introduced by the FBR, signifies a significant step towards formalizing the informal economy and promoting tax compliance within the region. At the ceremony, Ms. Tehmina Aamer, Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, personally awarded registration certificates to the first four traders who officially enrolled in the scheme. She commended their proactive engagement and declared them as ambassadors of the RTO, Rawalpindi, acknowledging their commitment to compliance and their contributions to the national economy.

The honored traders expressed their gratitude towards Ms. Tehmina Aamer and the RTO, Rawalpindi, for their support and encouragement. They pledged to actively promote awareness about the Tajir Dost Scheme among their peers and colleagues, emphasizing their dedication to fostering a culture of compliance and accountability within the business community.

Ms. Tehmina Aamer also lauded the dedication and hard work of the District Tax Officers and their teams involved in implementing the Tajir Dost Scheme. Their efforts have been instrumental in facilitating the registration process and ensuring its success. As the Tajir Dost Scheme gains momentum, the RTO, Rawalpindi, reaffirms its commitment to supporting traders on their journey towards tax compliance.

The recognition of traders enrolled in the Tajir Dost Scheme underscores the FBR’s commitment to reforming and formalizing the economy. By incentivizing tax compliance and providing support to traders, the FBR aims to broaden the tax base, enhance revenue collection, and promote economic growth. Initiatives like the Tajir Dost Scheme not only benefit individual traders but also contribute to the overall prosperity and stability of the nation.

Moving forward, the FBR plans to expand the reach of the Tajir Dost Scheme to cover more traders across the country. Through continued collaboration with stakeholders and effective implementation strategies, the FBR seeks to create a conducive environment for businesses to thrive while fulfilling their tax obligations.

In conclusion, the acknowledgment of traders registered under the Tajir Dost Scheme reflects a positive stride towards a more transparent and compliant business environment in Pakistan. It is a testament to the collective efforts of the FBR and the business community in building a stronger and more resilient economy.