FBR Addresses Concerns on IRIS 2.0 Functionality, Responds to KTBA

FBR Addresses Concerns on IRIS 2.0 Functionality, Responds to KTBA

Islamabad, September 30, 2023 – The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) responded on Saturday to objections raised concerning the performance of the online return filing portal, IRIS 2.0, effectively dispelling doubts raised by the Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA).

In its response, the FBR affirmed that IRIS 2.0 is currently operating seamlessly, contrary to the concerns expressed by the KTBA. The revenue authority also provided a detailed response to the 14 specific issues related to IRIS 2.0 that had been raised by the tax bar association.

The FBR’s point-wise response to the issues raised by KTBA is as follows:

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1. Failure to Allow Return Revisions: The FBR clarified that IT return filers for 2023 can revise their returns within 60 days without requiring approval from the commissioner, and the system is functioning accordingly.

2. E-Intermediary Data in Client Returns: The issue related to E-Intermediary data in client returns has already been resolved.

3. Incomplete “MIS Data”: The FBR stated that this issue is not relevant to the Income Tax Return for tax year 2023.

4. No Reply Option in Case of Appeal Effect Notices: This matter is also not related to the Income Tax Return for tax year 2023.

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5. Rectification Application Can Be Filed Only Once in a Year: The FBR clarified that this issue is not relevant to the Income Tax Return for tax year 2023.

6. Major Security Issue – Previous Login Session: The FBR confirmed that the security issue regarding previous login sessions has been resolved and is not related to the Income Tax Return.

7. Non-Residents – Last Year’s Wealth: The issue related to non-residents’ wealth from the previous year has already been resolved.

8. Non-Availability of Data U/s.116A: The FBR stated that Section 116A data is being filed without any problems, and specific cases with details should be shared with FBR if it is hindering the filing of tax returns for tax year 2023.

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9. Salary Income with One-off Service Receipt: The FBR clarified that separate salary returns are available, and individuals with salary income and income from business under Section 153 (minimum tax) are required to attach the Profit & Loss account as per the law.

10. Dividend U/s. 150 in Final/Fixed/Minimum TAB: While not a technical issue, the matter regarding Dividend under Section 150 is being further examined.

11. SME Return – Tax Deducted U/s.153: The FBR stated that the SME return is developed as per the notified form, and the reported matter is not a system issue.

12. Verification Tab for Companies and AOP: The issue related to entity names and registration numbers appearing in the Verification Tab has already been resolved.

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13. Position/Status of Members in AOPs: The issue concerning the position/status of members in AOPs has also been resolved.

14. Deceased Taxpayers: The FBR clarified that suggestions regarding deceased taxpayers are not issues, as there is another process for marking a taxpayer as deceased.

The FBR’s comprehensive response seeks to address and resolve the concerns raised by KTBA regarding IRIS 2.0’s functionality and operation.