FBR asks exporters to resubmit claims for stuck-up refunds

FBR asks exporters to resubmit claims for stuck-up refunds

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday offered exporters to resubmit their refund claims which were stuck up due to any reason.

The FBR said that sales tax refund claims of exporters, which were stuck up at pre-processing stage in Fully Automated Sales Tax e-Refund (FASTER) system due to any reason including erroneous filing stand rolled back to provide an opportunity to exporters to review and resubmit their claims after removing shortcomings by September 20, 2020.

All such refund claimants have also been informed electronically, the FBR added.

Two days ago, the FBR issued instructions to all chief commissioners Inland Revenue regarding sales tax refunds.

The FBR said that it had been observed that sales tax refund claims prior to July 2019 were pending for first processing as well as deferred processing, requiring over-ruling of objections raised by Risk Management System (RMS).

In order to liquidate the pendency of deferred claims, the FBR has already issued circular No. 01/2020 dated August 04, 2020 for rule-based over-ruling objections. “The purpose of circular is to bring uniformity into the system, and to avoid discretion and delay in processing of refunds,” the FBR added.

The FBR also informed the chief commissioners that processing of refunds should not be stopped on pretext that some case is pending against the claimant at any adjudication or appellate forum unless there is specific stay against processing of refunds. “In cases where the discrepancies pointed out by the department relating to refund claims are held twice in favor for the claimant, refunds be processed even if field office has preferred further appeal, unless specifically barred by the appellate forum or the board.”

The FBR directed that field formations should ensure that pending refunds of claimants are processed in routine on the basis of Circular No. 01/2020.