FBR collects mobile phone tax, PTA clarifies

FBR collects mobile phone tax, PTA clarifies

In response to the recent surge in taxes and duties on the registration of cellular mobile devices and handsets, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a clarification on Monday, emphasizing that the applicable duty and taxes are solely collected by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Addressing the prevailing misperception about the so-called ‘PTA Tax,’ the regulatory authority clarified that the taxes and duties associated with mobile devices and handsets are applied and directly collected by the FBR. PTA highlighted its role in offering the Device Identification and Registration Database (DIRBS) system for mobile device registration, providing technical support without charging the general public.

The clarification aims to dispel any confusion among consumers regarding the entity responsible for the imposition and collection of taxes on mobile devices. PTA clarified that it solely facilitates the public through the DIRBS system, which allows applicants to register their mobile devices for use within Pakistan.

While PTA offers the technical infrastructure for mobile device registration, the taxes and duties collected during this process are under the purview of the FBR. The regulatory authority does not impose any independent tax on mobile devices but collaborates with the FBR to ensure compliance with tax regulations and the lawful use of mobile devices within the country.

To further assist the public in understanding the current applicable taxes and duties on the registration of different devices, PTA directed applicants to visit the FBR website at https://www.fbr.gov.pk/mobile-devices-regularization-dirbs/51149/131261. This web resource provides comprehensive information on the taxes and duties associated with the regularization of mobile devices through the DIRBS system.

The clarification from PTA seeks to promote transparency and clarity regarding the taxation process for mobile devices. As technology and communication play an increasingly vital role in daily life, understanding the regulatory framework surrounding mobile device registration becomes essential for consumers and industry stakeholders.

Consumers and applicants are encouraged to utilize the DIRBS system provided by PTA for the lawful registration of their mobile devices. The collaboration between PTA and the FBR ensures that the regulatory process is streamlined, contributing to a secure and regulated environment for mobile device usage within Pakistan.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, regulatory bodies like PTA play a pivotal role in adapting to new challenges and providing effective solutions. Clear communication and collaboration between government entities further strengthen the regulatory framework, instilling confidence among the public and fostering a conducive environment for technological advancements in the country.