FBR constitutes ADRCs for eight cities

FBR constitutes ADRCs for eight cities

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday constituted Alternative Dispute Resolution Committees (ADRCs) for speedy disposal of cases in Inland Revenue in eight cities of the country.

The FBR issued SRO 657(I)/2019 to notify the panel of the following persons for constitution of committees for alternative dispute resolution, namely :-


1. Z.A. Nasir, C.A, Sialkot.

2. Ch. Ahmad Zulfiqar Hayat, Businessman, Sialkot.

3. Aftab Hussain Nagra, Advocate, Sialkot.

4. Muhammad Arshad Nawaz Maan, Tax Practitioner, Sialkot.

5. Mahar Ghulam Mujtaba, Representative Trade Bodies, Sialkot.

6. Khalid Pervaiz Javaid Butt, Representative Trade Bodies, Sialkot.


1. Hamid Masood, C.A, Faisalabad.

2. Zahid Suleman, C.A, Faisalabad.

3. Muhammad Anwar Abid, Advocate High Court, Faisalabad.

4. Syed Zia Alumdar Hussain, Trade Bodies Representative, Faisalabad.

5. Mian Tanveer Ahmad, Trade Bodies Representative, Faisalabad.

6. Engineer Hafiz Ihtasham Javed, Trade Bodies Representative, Faisalabad.

7. Khalid Pervez, Advocate High Court, Faisalabad.

8. Muhammad Amjad Khawaja, Trade Bodies Representative, Faisalabad.

9. Ch. Habib Ahmad Gujjar, Trade Bodies Representative, Faisalabad.

10. Jawad Asghar, Trade Bodies Representative, Faisalabad.

11. Mr, Muhammad Ashraf Ghandi, Businessman, Faisalabad.

12. Rana Muhammad Younis, Businessman, Faisalabad.

13. Ch. Khalid Mahmood, District and Session Judge, Faisalabad.


1. Muhammad Abid, Commissioner IR, Sahiwal.

2. Rashid Hameed, President Sahiwal Chamber of Commerce & Ind, Sahiwal.

3. Rana Waseem Akhtar, Vice Chairman, Pakistan Soup Manufacturing Association, Sahiwal.

4. Mian Muhammad Latif, President Anjuman Tajraan, Sahiwal.

5. Muhammad Imran Khan, Vice President Sahiwal Tax Bar .

6. Shaikh Muhammad Sajjad, Ex President, Sahiwal Tax Bar.


1. Syed Tanseer Bukhari, Advocate, Islamabad.

2. Syed Tauqeer Bukhari, Advocate, Islamabad.

3. Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, Advocate, Islamabad.

4. Shahzad Qazi, C.A Islamabad.

5. Muhammad Mudasser, C.A, Islamabad.

6. Khalid Iqbal Malik, Representative of Trade Body, Islamabad.

7. Tariq Sadiq, Representative of Trade Body, Islamabad.

8. Naeem Siddiqui, Representative of Trade Body, Islamabad.

9. Mian Muhammad Ramzan, Representative of Trade Body, Islamabad.


1. Asif Iqbal Shekhani, Advocate, Sukkur.

2. Rewachand Rajpal, Advocate, Sukkur.

3. Khair Muhammad Shaikh , Representative of Trade Body, Sukkur.

4. Aamir Ali Khan, Ghouri, Reputable Taxpayer, Sukkur.

5. Tarique Hussain Soomro, Advocate, Sukkur.


1. M. Rashid Qamar, Rtd, District & Session Judge, Multan.

2. Waqas Khalid. Tax Practitioner. Multan.

3. Mueed Khawaja. Tax Practitioner. Multan.

4. Haji Saeed Ahmad, Businessman, Multan.

5. Kh. Muhammad Usman, Businessman, Multan.

6. Agha M. Akmal Khan Quzailbash, Advocate, Multan.

7. Anis Ahmad Sh. Businessman, Multan.

8. Malik Asrar Ahmad Awan, Businessman, Multan.

9. Mirza Muhammad Waheed Baig, Advocate, Multan.

10. Muhammad Younas Ghazi, Tax Practitioner, Multan.

11. Talat Javed, Tax Practitioner, Multan.


1. Abid Hafeez Abid, Advocate High Court, Gujranwala.

2. Muhammad Asim Anees , Businessman, Gujranwala.


1. Shahid Nadeem Kahloon, Judge, Bahawalpur.

2. Iqbal Haider, CMA, Bahawalpur.

3. Ch. Javed Iqbal, Advocate, Bahawalpur.

4. Saifal Tanveer, Tax Practitioner, Bahawalpur.

5. Ejaz Nazim, Representative of Bahawalpur Chamber.

6. Ch. Mehmood Majeed, Reputable Businessman, Bahawalpur.