FBR Directs Officials to Submit Asset Declarations; Failure May Lead to Action

FBR Directs Officials to Submit Asset Declarations; Failure May Lead to Action

Islamabad, May 29, 2023: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued a directive to all chiefs, urging them to ensure that officials under their administrative control file their asset declarations.

The FBR chairman expressed concern over the number of officers and officials who have failed to submit their declarations despite previous instructions from the Establishment Division.

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In a notice issued on Monday, the FBR instructed the Chief Commissioners of Inland Revenue and Chief Collectors of Pakistan Customs to provide a certificate before June 30, 2023. This certificate should confirm that all officers and officials under their administrative control have submitted their missing declarations of assets. Furthermore, the certificate must highlight the names of individuals who have not complied, enabling further necessary action to be taken.

The FBR chairman took serious note of the situation, emphasizing that several officers and officials have yet to fulfill their obligation to declare their assets and liabilities. Despite clear instructions issued by the Establishment Division on July 01, 2022, July 14, 2022, and April 14, 2023, some individuals have not taken the necessary steps.

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To rectify the situation, the FBR has directed the chief commissioners and chief collectors to ensure that all officers and officials under their administrative control promptly submit their missing asset declarations. The FBR emphasized that any delay in compliance would not be tolerated. If officers and officials fail to submit their declarations in a timely manner, the FBR will be compelled to take action against them in accordance with the prescribed rules.

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The asset declarations serve as an essential measure to ensure transparency and accountability among government officials. By filing these declarations, officers and officials disclose their assets and liabilities, promoting good governance and deterring corruption. The FBR’s latest directive aims to reinforce the importance of adhering to these obligations, urging all individuals to fulfill their responsibilities promptly.

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The FBR continues its commitment to upholding the principles of integrity and accountability within the government, and it expects all officers and officials to cooperate fully in this regard.