FBR exempts various properties from attachment for tax recovery

FBR exempts various properties from attachment for tax recovery

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has exempted various properties from attachment for recovery from tax defaulters.

The FBR issued SRO 353(I)/2020 through which the tax officials have been restrained from attaching certain movable properties of a defaulter for recovery of due taxes.

According to the notification, the FBR officials may not attach assets for recovery, which included the necessary wearing apparel, cooking vessels, beds and bedding of the defaulters, his wife and children, and such personal ornaments, as, in accordance with religious usage, cannot be parted with by any women.

The tax official further barred from attaching assets for recovery, which included tools of artisans, and where the defaulter is an agriculturist, his implements of husbandry and such cattle and seed grain as may be necessary to enable him to earn his livelihood.

The FBR also explained the assets, which cannot be attached by the tax officials for recovery. This will include houses and other buildings (with the materials and the sites and the land immediately appurtenant) belonging to an agriculturist and occupied him.

The FBR said that the tax officials may also not attach included: books of account; a mere right to sue for damages; and any right of personal service.

The amendment to sales tax rules also prohibited the tax officials to attach all compulsory deposits and other sums in or derived from fund to which the Provident Fund Act, 1925, for the time being applies in so far as they are declared by the Act not to be liable to attachment.