FBR invites services for real-time monitoring, tracking of cargo movement

FBR invites services for real-time monitoring, tracking of cargo movement

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has invited Expression of Interest (EOI) from companies providing real-time support for monitoring and tracking of transit / transshipment of goods.

The FBR said that expression of interest showing technical and financial proposals for delivery of services must be delivered by December 15, 2020.

The FBR said that the Safe Transportation Environment Project was launched in May 2013 covering Afghan forward transit cargo.

The FBR now intends to enhance the project to cover the entire spectrum of bonded cargo transportation, including but not limited to Afghan forward and retro cargo, inter port movement, transshipment to and from dry ports and transit cargo, from customs point to entry to customs point of exit, maintaining en-route integrity of cargo on real-time basis.

Implementing agencies of this project shall be the FBR and the tracking company and the same shall be partner of the project.

“In this project no government funds are involved. Investment is to be made by the service provider and cost to be borne by bonded carriers and owners of cargo,” the FBR said.

The services to be provided by the company, qualification required and documents to be submitted are prescribed in Tracking and Monitoring of Cargo Rules, 2012.

The company must provide a system based solutions on the basis of GSM/GPRS/satellite communication or other modern technology for monitoring and tracking on real time basis having the features as prescribed in the rules.

The tracking company shall be required to demonstrate safe recovery in case prime mover, vehicle or the container is hijacked, separated or towed away.

The company shall be responsible for designing, furnishing and make operational a central control room and regional monitoring rooms at the Directorate of Transit Trade or Model Customs Collectorates of Customs.

To operate the system the company shall arrange comprehensive technical and operational training for the customs / IT staff and carry out quarterly appraisal review of the efficacy and functioning of the system through the FBR.

The FBR shall have propriety ownership of the data developed by the selected company and the system forensic audit.

The selected company shall undertake to upgrade, as per the new technological requirements, the installed IT structure related to software, communication equipment etc. as and when required.

The company shall accommodate their system within the premises as desired by respective director of transit trade or collector of customs and the company will dovetail their system to synchronize with Customs Computerized System and other selected companies.