FBR issues procedure for zero-rated supplies to Duty Free Shops

FBR issues procedure for zero-rated supplies to Duty Free Shops

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued procedure for zero-rated sales tax supply to duty free shops.

The FBR on Thursday said that a duty free shop (DFS), duly licensed by the Customs authorities, and entitled to receive zero-rated supplies under serial No. 3 of the Fifth Schedule to the Act, for the purpose of making supplies to the passengers in terms of Customs baggage rules, may observe the following procedure for making zero-rated purchases:−

(a) The DFS shall get itself registered under the Act, furnish monthly returns and maintain records as stipulated under the Act.

(b) The DFS will apply to the respective Commissioner Inland Revenue for grant of authorization for taking sales tax free delivery of the goods intended to be purchased from a specified registered manufacturer. In the application DFS will exactly specify the description and quantity of goods besides particulars including sales tax registration number of the manufacturer-cum-supplier.

Only such goods shall be included in the application as DFS intends to sell against duty free allowances under different baggage concessions.

(c) At the time of filling application under (a) above, DFS will furnish an indemnity bond in a proper form to the effect that in case goods intended to be purchased free of sales tax are used for the purpose other than the purpose of supplying the same against duty free allowance under different baggage concessions, DFS shall pay the amount of sales tax invoiced in such goods besides additional tax payable under section 34 of Sales Tax Act, 1990.

Original indemnity bond shall be retained under safe custody in the concerned RTO or LTU and two attested photocopies of the accepted indemnity bond shall be given to DFS and DFS shall give one copy to the concerned manufacturer.

(d) on the basis of authorization given by the Commissioner Inland Revenue, after acceptance of the indemnity bond furnished by DFS as aforesaid, the manufacturer shall deliver the goods against a zero-rated invoice issued in the name of DFS and quote the reference number and date of authorization issued by the Commissioner Inland Revenue.

The zero-rated invoice shall show the value of goods in rupees as well as in US dollar. The goods shall be delivered to DFS only after affixing irremovable sticker containing a caution to the effect that it is meant exclusively for supply to and sales by DFS under customs baggage rules.

(e) DFS shall pay price of the goods in foreign currency (US dollars) which shall be surrendered by the manufacturer to the State Bank of Pakistan and manufacturer shall receive the payment in Pak rupees as per the prevailing State Bank of Pakistan’s procedures and foreign exchange regulations.

(f) on receipt of goods DFS shall issue a certificate of receipt indicating the reference number and date of the aforesaid authorization and serial number and date of zero-rated invoice.

This certificate shall be duly attested by the customs staff posted at duty free shops. A copy of this certificate shall be sent each to the manufacturer as well as to the Commissioner Inland Revenue.

(g) DFS shall maintain proper separate records of the zero-rated purchases and sales of goods purchased under this rule. Full particulars of the passengers buying these goods under baggage rules shall be invariably mentioned in the records. Similarly, the manufacturer shall maintain proper record relating to the supplies made to DFS without payment of sales tax. Both DFS and the manufacturer shall present these records to the sales tax staff for inspection or audit as and when required.

(h) the said documents shall be furnished in original with a set of photocopies and returned to the manufacturer after tallying an endorsement of verification on the photocopies by the officer-incharge of Refund Division of the Regional Tax Office (RTO).

Refund shall be processed and sanctioned in accordance with chapter V of the Sales Tax Rules, 2006 treating the claimant as manufacturer-cum-exporter.

(i) DFS shall procure goods under this order to meet its requirements for a period not exceeding three months and shall ensure that these goods do not find way in the local market. DFS shall be responsible to pay sales tax and additional tax in case any such goods are found being sold in the local market.

(j) the indemnity bond furnished by DFS shall be released by the Commissioner Inland Revenue only after satisfying himself either through audit or otherwise that goods have been sold by DFS only against duty free allowances under the relevant baggage concessions.