FBR May Grant Another Return Filing Extension For Tax Year 2023

FBR May Grant Another Return Filing Extension For Tax Year 2023

Karachi, October 31, 2023 – The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is on the verge of granting another extension for the return filing deadline for the tax year 2023, which was initially set for October 31, 2023.

This decision comes following a prior extension from the original deadline of September 30, 2023. The move is being considered due to mounting pressure from various stakeholders, including tax bars and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The FBR has maintained its commitment to not extend the deadline any further, asserting that taxpayers have already been given ample time to fulfill their tax obligations. However, stakeholders argue that the primary hindrance in the return filing process is the numerous errors and glitches plaguing the FBR’s return filing portal, known as IRIS 2.0.

Tax bars, representing the interests of taxpayers, have been vocally advocating for a one-month extension to provide much-needed relief to taxpayers grappling with technical difficulties on the IRIS 2.0 platform. In contrast, the apex trade body of the country has demanded a more moderate extension of fifteen days.

Sources within the FBR have revealed that, as of today, there has been no official confirmation regarding the extension of the filing deadline. However, the FBR is now giving serious consideration to extending the date by an additional 15 days, in response to the numerous representations received from stakeholders.

The FBR’s decision to extend the return filing deadline is not without controversy. Many taxpayers have reported encountering a range of issues when trying to complete their tax returns using the IRIS 2.0 portal. These technical problems have hindered the efficient filing of tax returns, leaving many individuals and businesses in a state of frustration.

Tax professionals and representatives from tax bars have pointed out that the glitches and errors in the portal are beyond the control of taxpayers and have caused significant delays. These issues, they argue, are contributing to the need for further deadline extensions.

The FBR, on the other hand, has expressed its view that it has provided taxpayers with an ample timeframe to fulfill their tax obligations. The tax collection agency believes that the technical glitches in the IRIS 2.0 portal should not be used as a pretext for non-compliance.

However, the strong lobbying efforts by stakeholders have caught the FBR’s attention, and they are now considering a compromise in the form of a 15-day extension. This potential extension is seen as a measure to address the concerns raised by both tax bars and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while still adhering to the FBR’s original commitment of not further delaying the deadline.

In light of these developments, taxpayers across the country await the FBR’s final decision on whether the return filing deadline for tax year 2023 will be extended. While the FBR may have hesitated to grant another extension, the growing number of representations and the persistence of technical issues in the IRIS 2.0 portal may ultimately compel the revenue body to provide additional time to ensure full compliance from taxpayers. A decision is expected in the coming days, and it will be closely monitored by individuals and businesses seeking a fair opportunity to fulfill their tax obligations without undue technical hurdles.