FBR promotes 24 IRS officers to BS-18

FBR promotes 24 IRS officers to BS-18

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has officially notified the promotion of 24 officers of the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) from BS-17 to BS-18 on a regular basis.

The promotion is effective immediately, as per the notification issued by the FBR on Wednesday.

The following IRS officers have been promoted to BS-18:

1. Talha Masood

2. Raja Israr

3. Ms. Sajal Tariq

4. Muhammad Ayaz Nawaz

5. Ms. Khadija Saeed

6. Muhammad Yasir Nabi

7. Ms. Shazzak Mansha

8. Ms. Saman Gulzar

9. Ms. Naushaba

10. Ms. Naima Shamail

11. Ahmed Mujtaba

12. Muhammad Farrukh Aslam

13. Ms. Alishpa Asif

14. Saleem Hussain

15. Mazhar Ali

16. Umair Shafquat

17. Muhammad Ali

18. Syeda Lubna Shah

19. Sajid Khan

20. Ms. Faiza Zaeem

21. Majid Ali

22. Baqar Ali

23. Muhammad Adeel Quddusi

24. Abdul Aleem Qureshi

The FBR has specified that officers who were already drawing performance allowance before the issuance of this notification will continue to receive the same allowance following their regular promotion to BS-18.

This announcement reflects the FBR’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding the dedication and expertise of its officers. Promotions within the IRS play a crucial role in maintaining a motivated and skilled workforce, essential for the effective functioning of the revenue service.

The elevation of these officers to BS-18 signifies their achievements and competence in contributing to the objectives of the Inland Revenue Service. With this step, the FBR aims to enhance the professional growth and morale of its officers, fostering an environment conducive to achieving the revenue targets and promoting tax compliance.

The promotion of officers within the IRS is part of the broader efforts to strengthen the institutional framework of the FBR and ensure that it remains equipped with a qualified and motivated workforce. The continued professional development of IRS officers is pivotal to navigating the evolving landscape of taxation, economic policies, and technological advancements.

As the FBR moves forward, such promotions underscore its commitment to building a dynamic and proficient team capable of addressing the challenges and opportunities in the realm of revenue collection and taxation in Pakistan.