FBR proposed to ensure CPR for deposited withholding tax

FBR proposed to ensure CPR for deposited withholding tax

KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been advised to ensure Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR) for deposited withholding tax in order to avert chances of revenue leakages.

Pakistan Business Council (PBC) in its proposals for budget 2020/2021 submitted to the FBR, said that presently the taxpayer has to deposit the withholding tax deducted fortnightly, i.e. within seven days from the end of each week ending on every Sunday.

In addition, certain WHT agent do not deposit on time and some agents do not deposit at all. This also includes agencies/govt. organizations in respect of withholding tax, where CPR is not provided hence revenue leakages to government in the absence of withholding tax deposit.

On the other hand, where withholding tax is deducted by agencies/government organization, but do not provide system (IRIS) generated CPR as they do not enter in the system. Therefore assesse cannot get input benefit due to non-availability of CPR from IRIS system on account of withholding tax in spite of reminders.

The PBC recommended that timeline of 7 to 13 days should be extended to one week after the month.

Besides, IRIS system should be applicable for all with holding agent including agencies/government organizations and CPR in respect of withholding tax facing authority should be available from IRIS.

This will help in ease of doing business and facilitate withholding tax agents.

Furhter, the proposed amendment will help in controling revenue leakages as well as assesse can claim input tax properly.

Thus neither it is loss to authority nor the assesse. In the absence of non-availability of CPR , this is an extra cost for doing business.