FBR rebuts currency smuggling to Afghanistan

FBR rebuts currency smuggling to Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) strongly rebutted the reports of currency smuggling from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

In a statement issued on Friday, the FBR categorically rebutted the unfounded, malicious intent and misleading in content propaganda being advanced by some irresponsible elements that there was a huge flight of dollars from Pakistan.

It is further clarified that previously the bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan was carried out in US Dollars but now the same is being conducted in Pak Rupees (PKR).

Furthermore, FBR has taken very stringent enforcement measures at the Airports to eliminate the possibility of any such an unethical practice.

Pakistan Customs has made it mandatory for all passengers flying out of the country to undergo thorough personal scrutiny and 100 per cent declaration of currency through an automated process in order to ward off this nefarious illegal activity. This leaves the little possibility of the subject undesirable practice.

It is most likely that Chairman FBR and Member (Customs Operations) will visit the Pak-Afghan border to oversee the functioning of the above mechanism on the ground.

It is further reiterated that this transparent and efficient mechanism being adopted at all the airports across Pakistan is facilitating the smooth and easy movement of outbound passengers, thus significantly reducing their time and cost.