FBR refutes reports of date extension for return filing

FBR refutes reports of date extension for return filing

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has categorically refuted recent reports suggesting a possible extension of the deadline for filing income tax returns for the tax year 2021.

In a tweet issued on Tuesday, the FBR spokesperson clarified that no such consideration is underway at the FBR Headquarters.

The FBR’s swift response aimed to dispel any confusion arising from news attributing the board with contemplating an extension to the last date for filing returns of income and statements for the tax year 2021. The spokesperson firmly stated, “No such suggestion is under consideration at the FBR Headquarters.”

Addressing the matter, the FBR emphasized that it is currently engaged in a media campaign to encourage and facilitate the filing of income tax returns. This campaign is set to continue until the official deadline of September 30, 2021.

The specified deadline applies to various categories of taxpayers, including salaried individuals, Association of Persons (AOPs), corporate entities with special tax years, among others. The FBR spokesperson acknowledged that the ongoing campaign has yielded positive results, with a substantial number of returns already filed.

Despite the progress made in the campaign, the FBR urged taxpayers to remain vigilant and file their returns before the looming deadline to avoid any potential legal complications. The spokesperson warned against the dissemination of false information and urged taxpayers to disregard any such reports.

To counter misinformation and assist taxpayers, the FBR provided alternative channels for obtaining accurate information and support. Taxpayers have been encouraged to contact the FBR helpline at 111772772 for further assistance. Additionally, they can reach out to the nearest income tax office for guidance on the filing process and any related queries.

The FBR’s proactive communication reflects its commitment to transparency and ensuring that taxpayers receive accurate information regarding crucial deadlines. With the campaign in full swing and positive responses from the public, the FBR remains steadfast in its efforts to streamline the income tax filing process and promote compliance among taxpayers.

As the September 30 deadline approaches, the FBR’s unwavering stance against the extension, coupled with the ongoing media campaign, is aimed at fostering a sense of responsibility among taxpayers and encouraging them to fulfill their obligations within the stipulated timeframe.