FBR suspends 41 customs officials under disciplinary action

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday suspended 41 officials of Pakistan Customs Department for a period of three months with immediate effect.

Following inspectors of BS-16 have been suspended:

S.#Names & DesignationPresent Posting
1Rehamtullah Khan, InspectorMCC, (E&C), Quetta
2Shehzada Aamir, InspectorMCC, (E&C), Quetta
3Mehmood -ul-Hassan, InspectorDirectorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar
4Mir Zaman, SuperintendentMCC, (E&C), Peshawar
5Amjad Maqbool Butt, InspectorDirectorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar
6Irshad Akbar, InspectorDirectorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar
7Azeem Khan Marwat, InspectorDirectorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar
8Sagheer Baig, InspectorMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
9Azhar Jalil, Appraising OfficerMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
10Zia Ur Rehman, InspectorMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
11Abdur Rahim, InspectorMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
12Anika Malik, Appraising OfficerMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
13Ms. Faiqa, Appraising OfficerMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
14Saima Sweety, Appraising OfficerMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
15Muhammad Arshad, InspectorMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
16Muhammad Junaid, InspectorMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
17Gulzar Muhammad, InspectorMCC, (A&F), Peshawar
18Zafar Iqbal Joota, InspectorMCC, (E&C), Multan (posted at MCC, AIIA), Lahore.
19Muhammad Ali Jamali, S/o Hazoor Bakhsh, InspectorMCC, Gwadar
20Mashooq Ali, InspectorMCC, (JIAP), Karachi
21Muhammad Ali Jamali, S/o Wahid Bakhsh, InspectorMCC, Gwadar
22Saeed-uz-Rehman, InspectorMCC, Hyderabad
23Manzoor Ahmed Khoso, Senior Preventive OfficerMCC, (E&C), Karachi
24Saddam Hussain Bhalkani, Preventive OfficerMCC, (E&C), Karachi

The following officials of Customs Department are placed under suspension under Rule 5(1) of the Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 1973, for a period of three months with immediate effect:-

S.#Name and DesignationPresent Posting
1Haji Abdullah Achakzai, SepoyMCC, (E&C), Quetta
2Abdul Ghani, SepoyMCC, (E&C), Quetta
3Kala Khan, HavaldarMCC, (E&C), Quetta
4Muhammad Javaid, S/o Ali Bahadur, SepoyMCC, (E&C), Quetta
5Abdul Sattar Bangulzai, SepoyMCC, (E&C), Quetta
6Abdul Kabeer, SepoyMCC, (E&C), Quetta
7Muhammad Sarwar, SepoyMCC, (E&C), Quetta
8Lehna Khan, SepoyMCC, Gwadar
9Saeed Ahmed Mirwani, SepoyMCC, Gwadar
10Ravi Lal, LDCDirectorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar
11Manzoor Hussain, LDCDirectorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar
12Rana Muhammad Ashraf, HavaldarMCC, (E&C), Multan
13Muhammad Asad, SepoyMCC, (E&C), Multan
14Muhammad Yousaf, SepoyMCC, (E&C), Multan
15Sajjad Ali Memon, SepoyMCC, Hyderabad
16Hamzo Khan, SepoyMCC, Hyderabad
17Ghulam Shabir Ahmed Bhutto, SepoyMCC, Hyderabad

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