FBR to issue ATL 2020 on March 01

FBR to issue ATL 2020 on March 01

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will issued Active Taxpayers List (ATL) for tax year 2020 on March 01, 2021 which will contain names of those taxpayers who file their returns by due date or file return after due date with fine and penalty.

Under Rule 81B of Income Tax Rules 2002, the FBR issues ATL on the first day of March in each financial year. The appearance of name of taxpayers on the ATL guarantees certain benefits including lower rate of withholding tax on certain transactions.

The FBR on Monday advised the taxpayers to assure inclusion of their names in the upcoming ATL by filing annual return for tax year 2020.

The FBR said that Filing of Income Tax Returns (ITRs) has improved significantly during Tax Year 2020, a statement by the Federal Board of Revenue said. 1.768 million taxpayers filed their income tax returns before the deadline of December 8, 2020 while the tax received by FBR stood at Rs 22 billion by this date. The number of filers has further increased to 2.316 million along with the tax collection rising up to Rs 43.6 billion till January 4, 2021 as compared to 2.181 million filers along with the tax collection of Rs 28 billion during the corresponding period of the previous year, showing an increase of 55 percent in tax collection in current year.

It is also mentionable here that the number of income tax returns filed after the deadline of December 8, 2020 remained 0.547 million along with the tax collection of an amount worth Rs22 Billion approximately. FBR has launched a number of initiatives for the facilitation of taxpayers that have resulted in the increased number in filing of Income Tax Returns.

FBR will issue the updated list of Active Taxpayers after March 01, 2021 and only those taxpayers will be included in the list who have filed their Income Tax Returns for Tax Year 2020.

Enlistment in Active Taxpayers List comes with a variety of benefits for taxpayers that include exemption from Withholding Tax in a number of financial transactions and withholding of tax at half of the rate on many other financial transactions carried out by non-filers i.e those not on Active Taxpayers List. Possible legal action on account of concealment of income based of tax withheld on any financial transaction.

It may be noted that the amount of fine on late filing increases in proportion with the delayed period of time.

FBR has urged all taxpayers to file their Income Tax Returns at their earliest to get their names enlisted in the upcoming ATL.

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