FBR warns officials of disciplinary action for working as private consultants

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Wednesday warned officials against working as private tax consultant while in government service.

The FBR has noticed that certain officials of FBR and its field formations were indulged in private practice including tax and legal consultancy.

“This practice is against the rules as it compromises their official status and brings disrepute to the department,” the FBR said.

Furthermore, the same is prescribed under the Government Servants (Conduct) Rules, 1964.

The FBR directed the officials against indulging into any such private, tax/legal consultancy of any sort in future.

“Strict action shall be taken against any official who is found involved in such practice which shall also entail initiation of disciplinary proceedings under the Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 1973.”

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