Finance Bill 2019: duty exemptions on various imported goods proposed

KARACHI: The government has proposed exemptions from customs duty on import of various goods through Finance Bill 2019.
According to A. F. Ferguson & Co. Chartered Accountants Firm the Finance Bill 2019 has proposed exemption from customs duty is proposed on following items:
– Various industrial inputs / raw materials
– Pharmaceutical products
– Plastic film medical grade
– Fertilizers
– Plant and machinery for setting up Hydrocracker plants for oil refining
– Raw skins and hides
– Machinery parts and items relating to textile industry
– Solar air water generator
– Raw material for paper industry
– Wood
– Certain raw materials used in manufacture of home appliances subject to certain conditions
– Raw material and components for local manufacture of Hemodialyzer, used in hydrolysis equipment by kidney failure patients

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