66 percent shelf life mandatory for import of edible products

66 percent shelf life mandatory for import of edible products

ISLAMABAD: The ministry of commerce has allowed import of all edible products with meeting certain condition such as those products have at least 66 percent shelf life remaining from the date of manufacturing.

The ministry issued SRO 902(I)/2020 dated September 25, 2020 to unveil Import Policy Order 2020.

The ministry said all edible products are allowed but those subject to following conditions:

(i) It must be fit for human consumption;

(ii) They shall be free of any ‘haram’ element or ingredients;

(iii) Edible products shall have at least 66% (2/3rd) shelf life, remaining from the date of manufacturing;

(iii a) The ingredients and details of the product (e.g. nutritional facts, usage instructions etc.) of food products are printed in Urdu and English languages on the consumer packaging;

(iii b) The logo of the Halal certification body is printed on the consumer packaging;

(iii c) The labeling under clauses (iii a) & (iii b) above shall not be in the form of a sticker, overprinting, stamp or scratched labeling;

(iii d) The shipment is accompanied by a ’Halal certificate’ issued by a Halal Certification Body, accredited with an Accrediting Body (AB) which is a member of International Halal Accreditation Forum (IHAF) or Standard Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC);

(iv) Clause (iii-d) shall take effect from the 1st day of May, 2020.

(v) That, in case of meat, it was obtained from ‘halal animals and slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic injunctions;

(vi) Import of edible oil in bulk quantity shall be on landed weight and quality basis.